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Brew Master Will Cotten and Creative Director Adrian Cotten, both Co-Founders, will be joining us at the beer tasting.  Will loves to talk beer, so expect to hear the “why” as well as the “what,”  making this an educational, as well as enjoyable, event.

Here are what others are saying about Pegasus City Brewery:

From Brian Reinhart @ “Dallas Observer”:

This summer, my fridge will be stocked with a lot of beer from Pegasus City, a Design District brewery that just celebrated its first birthday. Pegasus City has already gained a deserved reputation as a purveyor of classic styles: lagers, ambers, porters. There are no IPAs at Pegasus City, nor are there sours, wild-fermented brews or barrel-aged experiments. Nothing it makes could be remotely called trendy. That’s what makes it good.

From Caitlin @ BigWorldSmallGirl:

Overall, out of all the Dallas beers I had had that weekend, theirs were my favorite. Just like their logo and brewery, the beers were clean and of the quality that even a beginner craft beer drinker would notice. Easily my favorite was the caramel-colored Porch Ale, a English Mild Ale that I could literally drink every day.

Join us for the Beer Tasting on Friday and see for yourself why Pegasus City has created such a buzz throughout DFW.

This year’s beer sponsor is Pegasus City Brewery.  For having just celebrated their first year in business, Pegasus City has already had a tremendous impact on the local craft beer scene.  This was demonstrated by being nominated as one of the “D Magazine” finalists for Best Brewery.