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Steampunk November welcomes the support of all who would like to contribute.  Steampunk November is a labor of love for so many people, but we need supplies to put that labor to work.

We have several levels of sponsorship for Steampunk November.

If you wish to have your name listed in the souvenir program as one of our festival sponsorships, these are the levels you can choose:

$5=Bronze Bracket      

$10=Brass Buckle           

$25=Copper Cog

$50=Steel Spring         

$100=Silver Sprocket      

$200=Mercury Machine

$300=Gold Gear          

$500=Platinum Pistol      

$1000=Titanium Timepiece

We also have permanent structure and corporate sponsorships available.

To contact us about sponsorship write to ads@steampunknovember.com