Captain Archimedes

“Captain Archimedes heads her own airship, the Airship Parliament. The Parliament and its 99% female crew offer safe travel services for elegant ladies all over the world. If you know which crew members to talk to, the Parliament also offers discreet delivery services for hard-to-acquire goods as well. What does a 99% female crew mean? Well, every woman who has traveled knows there are some places that we cannot go without a man to talk for us, escort us, and “be in charge.” This is why we never travel without a Mr. Popkiss. Captain tells Popkiss that he is a very important, highly-regarded, intelligent diplomat, but really… well, you can meet him and decide for yourself. The captain is notorious for not remembering crew members’ names. She mostly refers to crew members by a number, the system of which seems to be whoever the Captain likes best at any given time. In fact, Mr. Popkiss is only a job title. The original Mr. Popkiss met with one too many angry officials and retired soon after, so Captain just hired another one to take his place. I believe we are on number nine by now.
According to Number One, there are several rumors surrounding the captain. She may or may not have been born to the aristocracy of England, she may or may not have married a family friend, she may or may not have made an arrangement with that family friend to keep his secrets and in exchange for the airship and the freedom to travel the world as she always desired. The Captain would like to set the record straight that she is 100% not deaf or blind! She will demote any crew member who suggests she needs spectacles. And Mr. Popkiss number 5 may or may not have been thrown overboard for purchasing an ear trumpet for the captain’s birthday. According to Number Two, apparently that birthday gift was the brainstorm of Number One who wanted to get rid of that particular Popkiss.
Captain Archimedes enjoys traveling, deceiving foreign officials, collecting teas from all over the world, evading the law, forging letters to the editor from local town council members, slightly rearranging the knick-knacks in other people’s homes, and smuggling for fun and profit. “

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