Midnight Gallagher

I am solo time traveler, an academic of sorts, traveling through time in search of a lost sibling. I was brought to Misfortunes Landing through a miscalculation. Upon arriving in this quaint town, my invention the Cyclical Phenomena Regulation Generator (CPRG) short-circuited and will no longer function. I absent-mindedly work on repairs to my device while marveling at the sights and sounds of Misfortunes Landing.
My secret is I have come to love this place. I am in no hurry to leave!

My most recent acting experience includes playing Frances Roth, a befuddled village map maker for the Scarborough Village, 2023 season. In the past, after completing a writing workshop, I performed stand-up across the Metroplex for about 6 years. I am currently taking improv classes at Alternative Comedy Theater. I have a B.A. in studio art and I love creating props to bolster my character.

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