Mr. Diamond

Mr. Diamond provides a valuable service by arranging for people to have special meetings with his ladies, whom he refers to as Jewels.
Mr. Diamond takes good care of his Jewels and they appreciate it. He has a lot more Jewels than you will actually see at Steampunk November and it is always interesting when people ask about their favorite Jewel. You can bet, he has that Jewel in his box.
He sees nothing wrong or immoral with what he does, after all, he does deal with Jewels.
Secret? His Jewels always know they can get ANYTHING they want if they address him as “Daddy Diamond”. That is his weak spot!

I am in my early 60s and have experienced a lot in my time. I have been doing Ren Faires since the 90s and have been part of the Scarborough cast for 13 years. I have been a Character Instructor for 2 years and Court Dance Director for 3 years. During that time I also designed and built the trailer that transports the traveling carillon for Cast in Bronze I own my own business restoring classic cars and am well known as an authority in my field. This will be my third year as guest speaker at the Pontiac Southern Nationals. I am married to a wonderful seamstress who really makes me look good. We share a home with a dog, 4 cats, and a raccoon!

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