Ninian Philpot

Ninian came to Misfortune’s Landing with his wife Henrietta to enjoy a relatively quiet life making his spoons and putting cogs on them at their shop, the Silver Sppon. He was a mild-mannered and meek man next to his larger-than-life partner, and all was good. A regular wife guy. But then his wife mysteriously left (she just went on holiday for 3 weeks and will return by the start of winter) and Ninian had to become…something else. Ninian became a more avid tinkerer and his fashion sense became…extreme. You’d look at him and think he’d just lost everything and was mourning, but no. Now running the Silver Spoon alone (for 3 weeks), Ninian now lives with the vibe of a nerd in crisis retreating to his man cave. He loves his spoons and enjoys the company of others, but most of all he will go on, and on, and on, about his wife and misses her every day.

Elijah is a hobbyist and an avid gamer. He has been an actor at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival for 5 years, and in his free time, he sings, plays fighting games and Magic the Gathering, and organizes DnD campaigns. By day, he works for the City of Dallas, crunching numbers, and by night he is moving towards getting certified in different stage combat disciplines by the SAFD. He enjoys being able to do as many new experiences as possible, and being a part of SPN has been a jolly good outing into a new sphere of nerddom.

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