Pearl Lovegood

Pearl Lovegood has been a saloon girl for Mr. Diamond for 10 years. She LOVES her job. She has met so many interesting people and has collected over 100 husbands. Pearl is very close friends with Garnet and the other girls in the Box, but speaks in hushed respectful whispers about one girl in particular. She loves dancing and spending time with Garnet, learning all the gossip of the town.

Despite her dreamy and ditzy nature, Pearl is not to one to cross. She always gets what she wants and will do anything to make sure the promises made to her are kept. Rumor has it, she has a dark side hidden under the innocent, girly facade.

She is often seen staring off into empty spaces and chattering to herself. The one thing no one can figure out is if she can actually see ghosts or not. Best to just “believe” her.

I have worked as an actor for Taap for 2 years and for Sapa for 7 years. I enjoy alternative fashion, traveling, and anything cute.

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