Phaedra “The Finder” Pennington

I am the procurer of things! Mostly for the ship, but if YOU need a thing, I know a guy! And I/The ship will only pass on the tiniest of finder’s fees. That is where my Nickname comes from. I am fiercely loyal to our Captain, Archimedes, and any fees I may generate go to the ship! No one needs to know where I am from. It is never a good idea for the world to know if you do or don’t have a past!

Oil & Gas Mineral Manager for Non-profits by weekday; Weirdo by weekend! Member of Scarborough Academy of Performing Arts 2004 -2019. Instructor 2010-2019. Actor Manager @Screams Halloween Theme Park 2007-2014 Actor Manager Dark Hour Haunted House 2015-Present. This will be my 2nd Season with T.A.A.P. and it is a great time for all! I love being a character and Iteracting with so many guests!

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