Prof. Archibald
“Archie” Hugo

Professor Archibald Hugo, or Professor Archie as some call him, is a slightly bird-brained professor of ornithology at Barnett College. He has spent the last few years doing field studies looking for elusive species of birds taking him to many exotic locales. He became an earnest observer of birds and their habits at age 10, beginning the careful records he maintained throughout his life. Though he employs field glasses to observe the fowl, his keen sense of hearing allows him to identify various breeds just by their songs. He also observed the world around him and wrote of it simply and directly in prose reflecting sensitivity and restrained emotion rather than cold scientific detachment. As a recent traveler through Misfortune’s Landing, he has been delighted to meet a variety of folks enjoying good conversations, lively debates, and maybe a nip of the local fair.

Robert got the entertainer bug at the young age of 4 when he first experienced the stage in a children’s choir. His first acting gig was as a dwarf when he was 10 and has been on stage numerous times. He has been collecting bits of costume since age 12 building a closet of wonder. His costume craft varies from sewing to chainmail and some woodwork and light foam work. He enjoys the makeup side of things as well. He is part of a local circus troupe trained as a clown and stilt performer. In addition, he has been part of cosplay charity work for a number of years and models for various organizations around DFW. Mostly he likes making people smile. He also makes a mean cappuccino.

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