Vivian “Viv” Cogger

Viv grew up on the streets of London, where peddling fruit turned to picking pockets, and eventually greater crimes. Her antics earned her the attention of Scotland Yard, and a one-way trip to the Parramatta Female Factory in Australia. Eventually, Viv was rescued by Captain Zach Flannigan, though he hadn’t actually come to rescue her and she actually just stowed away on his ship, pretending to be part of the crew to avoid detection. Her ploy worked well, as she quickly ascended the ranks (the life expectancy of the average crew member had nothing to do with it, I’m sure) to become second in command. While her new position has lended some weight to her boots, old habits die hard, and Viv can frequently be found playing dice or cards, or procuring cargo under questionable methods. It is even rumored she once nicked the wig off the judge at her own trial!

I’ve never acted in earnest until joining Scarborough Renaissance Festival in 2015, where an entirely new experience has become my greatest joy. In addition to Scarborough and Steampunk November, I enjoy gaming and creating things, either by writing, building, or sewing. My day job is spent typing data in a cubicle, so beyond work hours I look for more exciting options! I also enjoy biking and kayaking, though I don’t do either frequently enough to consider them hobbies.

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